Wash-Sensor U

Stericop Wash-Sensor U

Wash-Sensor U is a simple, routine-suitable testing device for continuous monitoring of the functionality of the ultrasound in interaction with the cleaning fluid. The synthetic test soiling correlates with human blood and human tissue. An insufficient cleaning effect in the ultrasonic bath is reliably indicated by Wash-Sensor U, regardless of whether a inadequate
cleaning was caused by mechanical (insufficient ultrasonic energy) and/or chemical factors.

If the test soiling is completely removed, a reliable indication for function and efficiency of the selected cleaning cycle is given.


Simply push the Wash-Sensor U indicator plates laterally and with the test soiling facing forwards / upwards into the Wash-Sensor holder up to the mark.

Make sure that the part of the indicator plate with the test soiling does not come into contact with the fingers. Insert one Wash-Sensor U with holder above each ultrasonic sensor.

To do this, place the holder with the test soiling facing upwards on its back so that the parts of the indicator plate protruding from the holders are centered above the ultrasonic transducers. Run ultrasonic cleaning program for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, remove the indicator plate with the holder from the ultrasonic bath and check the in dicator plates for removal of the test soiling.

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