Wash-Sensor WD

Stericop Wash-Sensor WD

A test soiling is applied to a small plate (red dot), which simulates
human blood and tissue residues. By placing the plate in a
holder, the test soiling is half covered and represents the joint
space of scissors, forceps or other surgical instruments.

The complete removal of the red dot indicates effective cleaning.

In case of incomplete removal, defects in the mechanical and
chemical performance of the WD can be detected depending on
the position. The evaluation is carried out visually immediately after
the end of the process.

Causes for shown defects can be:

  •  Cleaner inactive due to e.g. wrong storage (enzymatic/ mild-
    alkaline cleaners)
  • Incorrect loading of the appliance (rinse shadow)
  • Mechanical defects (spray arm, screen, trolley etc.)
  • Cleaning times too short
  • Wrong temperature depending on the detergent used (enzymatic,
    mild alkaline and alkaline detergents)
  • Under- or overdosing of the cleaning agent
  • Exchanged canisters
  • Water quality not optimal
  •  Foaming and more

A good quality assurance concept helps to quickly detect and eliminate malfunctions in the process flow. By using the wash sensors WD, the operator can safely prove that the machine cleaning process works reliably.

With the documented release of the cleaning result in the WD diary, you have fulfilled the requirements of the RKI as well as the duty of documentation within the scope of your quality management.

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