SteamSensor 5

SteamSensor 5

In practice, treatment indicators (process indicators type 1, DIN EN ISO 11140-1) are often used to prove the sterility of the load. However, these are only intended to prove that the unit to be sterilized has been exposed to the sterilization process in order to distinguish between treated and non-treated units. Use process indicators type 5, DIN EN ISO 11140-1 to monitor your sterilizer.

With the SteamSensor 5, Stericop provides you with a suitable indicator that allows you to monitor your sterilization cycle easily and safely. Our indicators are subject to DIN EN ISO 11140-1 and correspond to type 5. The SteamSensor 5 changes its color from light blue to violet to pink.

The longer the indicators are exposed to the sterilization conditions (sterilization time, pressure and saturated steam conditions), the stronger their discoloration to pink. This allows you to assess your sterilization result very accurately.

SteamSensor 5: For medical and dental practices, outpatient OP centers and hospitals

If you are sterilizing a load of hollow items or complex instruments, use SMU-LC or SMU-LCR for load control.

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