SteamSensor DAC

SteamSensor DAC

In order to be able to prove the sterilization effect of the Sirona DAC Universal, a TYPE 5 indicator according to DIN EN ISO 11140-1 should be used.

Since most chemical indicators use paper as a carrier material, paper particles from the indicator may come loose during the cleaning cycle of the Sirona DAC Universal and clog the drain filter. This can lead to increased maintenance work.

For this reason it is recommended to use an indicator system with a paper-free carrier material.

With the SteamSensor DAC Stericop offers the user a cost-effective and above all paper-free indicator system. Specially developed for the Sirona DAC. The clear color change from blue to pink indicates adequate sterilization of the processed medical devices. For your safety and the safety of your patients.


  • paper-free
  • inexpensive
  • safe evaluation
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