Sterilization Monitoring Unit – Load Control Reusable

Stericop offers with the SMU-LCR a revolutionary batch control system!

The SMU-LCR simulates a long, thin tube. At the end of this tube there is a test chamber in which a chemical indicator is inserted. If the indicator shows a complete color change from light blue to black, it can be assumed that the remaining load of the sterilizer has been correctly sterilized – especially the inner surfaces of hollow instruments. This is because steam can only have a sterilizing effect if the sterilizer has removed the air from the sterilization chamber and thus also from the cavities of the instruments or tubes.

During two sterilization processes, the inner geometry of the "hose" can dry without any problems when it is open. This is an advantage over conventional tubing systems that should not be underestimated, since the internal geometry of the tubing cannot usually be checked for contamination and moisture. Should condensate or impurities have formed, these can be removed very easily with compressed air.


  • Insert indicator in recess
  • Close the lid
  • Lock with clip
  • Sterilize SMU-LCR in sterilization chamber together with loading.




  • Reusable helix control system (DIN EN 857-5) for sterilizers with sterilization cycle B according to DIN EN 13060 and large sterilizers
    according to EN 285.
  • Ideal for evaluating the performance of the sterilizer for hollow instruments
  • Revolutionary ease of use
  • No metal parts – therefore no risk of injury.
  • No preferred direction of the indicator
  • Shortest instruction time for employees
  • Reliable readability of the indicator
  • No screw caps, no coupling points
  • “Hose inner geometry” can be checked for condensate and impurities and easily dried and cleaned.
  • 100 and 250 pack
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