Sterilization Monitoring Unit-Load Control (SMU-LC)
The SMU-LC is a ready-to-use disposable test system for monitoring steam sterilization of complex sterile materials including hollow instruments (semi-critical B / critical B).
Many reusable sterilization control systems for hollow bodies (Helix systems, PCDs) have weak points, because they have to be assembled from individual parts.

Stericop offers here with the SMU-LC a completely new test system.

The SMU-LC is a disposable system and completely assembled. It eliminates all potential sources of error of a reusable system.
The indicator is already inserted at the factory. Therefore, it is not possible to accidentally mix it up or to insert the indicator incorrectly.
The SMU-LC has no seals or couplings that could leak. Each system has a label on which all relevant data is printed in plain text and in an alphanumeric barcode (Code128). This label allows the user to integrate the SMU-LC into the quality assurance without any problems.

This can be done by computer by scanning the Code 128 or by peeling off the label and sticking it into the Steri diary.




  • Disposable helix control system (DIN EN 867-5) for sterilizers with sterilization cycle B according to EN 13060 and large sterilizers according to EN 285
  • completely pre-assembled, no preparation time
  • Ideal for evaluating the performance of the sterilizer for hollow instruments
  • Easy to integrate into any quality assurance system
  • Scan or remove barcode label and simply stick it into the sterilization diary 
  • Very high reproducibility of test results due to unique manufacturing process
  • pack of 10, 50 and 100



The SMU-LC Opener:

Your work will get even easier with our new opening tool for the disposable test system SMU-LC.

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