Wash-Sensor Protein M-, E- & K- Plus

Wash-Sensor Protein M-, E- & K- Plus

The Protein Rapid Test has been developed to make a statement  about protein residues in tight endoscopes (M), gastroscopes (E) and colonoscopes (K) within a very short time.

With the 2.5m long swab, even extremely long endoscopes, gastroscopes and colonoscopes can be reliably tested for protein residues.

Field of application:

Wash-Sensor Protein M, E and K Plus is a protein test, optimized for regular testing for protein residues Endoscopes, gastroscopes and colonoscopes

Performance features:

  • ready to use, easy and safe to handle routine test equipment for regular testing of endoscopes, gastroscopes and colonoscopes
  • Very easy to use: Moisten the supplied swab with water, wipe the surface to be tested, then immediately immerse the swab in reagent solution, shake briefly and read the result
  • Imediate result: test result immediately after contact of the swab with reagent solution (waiting time & 5 seconds)
  • Safe reading: Color change of the reagent solution to BLUE indicates the presence of protein residues
  • High sensitivity: As little as 1 microgram of protein is reliably detected.

  • Routine use: No laboratory equipment or other aids are required
  • Handling: No preparation time with minimal risk of handling error
  • Readability: Easy and safe interpretation of the test results.
  • Shelf-life: Refrigerated, can be stored for up to 24 months from production
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