Stericop Bowie & Dick Test

Stericop Bowie & Dick Test

According to DIN EN ISO 17665, the Stericop Bowie & Dick test is a performance test to be performed every working day for steam sterilization processes, provided that the process includes the removal of air from the medical device (e.g. fractionated prevacuum process). It is irrelevant which chamber size the sterilizer has.

Ready to use, lead-free disposable test kit for the daily Bowie & Dick test 134°C / 3.5 min.
Complies with DIN EN ISO 11140-1 (class 2) and DIN EN ISO 11140-4.


The Stericop Bowie & Dick Test impresses with its easy handling and readability!

Place the Stericop Bowie & Dick Test in the empty sterilizer chamber. Perform the test by starting the Bowie & Dick Test program 134°C / 3.5 min.

At the end of the cycle, remove the Stericop Bowie & Dick Test from the sterilizer chamber. Grasp the indicator sheet by the supernatant and simply pull the indicator sheet out of the test package. Check the indicator sheet for complete color change to pink.


Check the indicator sheet for a complete and even color change from blue to pink. A color chart is NOT necessary for this.

The sterilization process creates a reference on the supernatant which can be compared with the indicator field by simply turning it over.

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