Stericop Wash-Sensor H+E

Stericop Wash-Sensor H

With the Wash-Sensor H, Stericop offers a reliable and, above all, easy-to-operate inspection system for WDs. The Wash-Sensor H testbody simulates a rigid lumen instrument such as an endoscope, gastroscope or colonoscope.


Inside, a plate with a synthetic test soiling is inserted. During the reprocessing cycle, this small plate must be washed off. By evaluating the indicator plate, a reliable statement can be made about the process stability of the reprocessing cycle. The Wash-Sensor H can be connected to any WD due to the numerous coupling possibilities (Luer/Lock or hose nozzle).




Stericop Wash-Sensor E

Flexible endoscopes represent an even greater requirement. These are reprocessed in an WD-E. As with the Wash-Sensor H, the Wash-Sensor E testbody is a test system specially developed to meet these requirements. The testbody is connected to the coupling systems (Luer-Lock or tube sheath) with a flexible tube and thus ideally simulates a flexible endoscope, gastroscope or colonoscope. The user can be sure that his reprocessing process is reproduced as accurately as possible. Here too, the indicator for process stability is visually evaluated.





  • Suitable for routine use
  • simple evaluation
  • cost effective
  •   different coupling variants
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