Stericop Labeling System

Stericop labeling system

With the labeling device (Order No.: 820001) and the matching documentation labels (Order No.: 821001) you can mark your sterile packaging in compliance with standards (DIN 58953-7:2003) and, above all, quickly, easily and safely. This labeling system prevents incorrect labeling of your sterile goods (number turners, etc.).


  • Sterilization date
  • usability date
  • Batch number
  • Sterilizer number
  • Personnel number

The documentation labels can be easily removed after they have been stuck  onto the sterile packaging and stuck either into the patient file or the sterilization diary (Order No.: 810001).

The labeling device is characterized by its durable, robust and economical printing unit. Up to 50,000 labels can be easily printed with a single ink cartridge.

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